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I made this journal to get everyone's opinion. I'm still looking for fello fans like me to sign the petition. If anyone knows where I can find them, please let me know.
WolfMoon has finally made a petition to get Talbain included in MVCI.………


Progress: 415/500 votes

Update 1: 21 voters! Keep up the good work everyone!

Update 2: added a Capcom Unity link here. I placed the petition there too. 30 voters, only 70 left! Keep it up!

Update 3: 56 Supporters! We're half way there! Keep it up!

Update 4: 80 Supporters, only 20 votes left! Let's finish this petition!

Update 5: We've almost reached 150 Supporters. We can still use as much help as we can get. If you love Jon, Darkstalkers, Werewolves, wolves or even anthros, please assist us!
Jon Talbain for mvci modified
Before you ask viewers, no I am not a good artist. I modified the image made by b1k. that is all. b1k, I hope this was alright with you. For those of you who prefer the default Jon Talbain palette, here it is. Hope this helps.
Some of my group members don't even know what role Esports plays to determine the roster outcome of MvCI. I do not have a direct link to where it specifically says this. You'll just have to take my word for it.

As of late, Capcom has leaned more and more into Esports, a channel where football, baseball, etc. are played to win money. Capcom seems interested to have it's fighting games be shown on that channel. An example is how Morrigan, the star of Darkstalkers, was censored to be viewed by audiences worldwide. In order to do this, they reduced her breast size from their big sizes from previous games. In a matter of speaking, this makes her like her sister, Lilith, who has small breasts. It must have been a painful process to tone Morrigan down, but considering Felicia's attire, can you imagine what kind of process they must go through in order for her to be censored completely? Should Capcom, somehow, succeed in doing so, the result will make her fans mad at Capcom. How mad? Mad to the point that they even wish Capcom never brought Darkstalkers back and that the series remains dead. Now Felicia is in as much of a lose-lose predicament as Demitri, Jedah, Lord Raptor and Queen Bee to name a few. Exclude her and her fans will be bitter. Censor her for Esports and her fans will rage. Unfortunately, the only evidence I have is the fact that Morrigan's breast size was reduced for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. Hope this answers your questions viewers.
Wolf Moon from FA decided to start a petition for Capcom to include Jon Talbain. He could use your help right now. We need

a reason to back our claim

a picture to go with this (I think I'll use your Jon Talbain support picture b1k)


Jon Talbain, a werewolf who knows martial arts, has been heavily requested to make a playable appearance outside the Darkstalkers franchise. Although, there were characters who had a similar play style (like Ruby Heart), for the fans, only Talbain will do. MVC3 came along and this is when Talbain started to become even more demanded than ever (even more than Felicia from Darkstalkers) placing 5th place in Capcom's official poll (the second one was where cheaters were active to get B.B. Hood and Juri up to the top ten). In that same game, Amaterasu from okami received an alternate costume that looked like Jon Talbain, however, the fans prefer Jon Talbain himself. So Capcom, the demand to give Jon Talbain a playable appearance in this and future crossovers is there. Besides, he won't have transformations that take up a lot of RAM like Demitri, Anakaris, Donovan, Huitzil or Pyron and unlike for Raptor, Jedah and Victor, he has no violent animations that would make the game M-rated. If you are interested to continue with Esports, Talbain is suitable to be seen for viewers of all ages, Felicia and Queen Bee don't have this luxury. Finally, Talbain's powerful move set from his game series could transition well into this engine and easily make him a popular choice in arcade ladders. Overall, you really should make Jon Talbain a playable character in this game Capcom.
A user who goes by WolfMoon35 has made a poll on Twitter found here…

Fellow Jon Talbain fans (or even darkstalker fans) with Twitter accounts, help this guy out and click "yes", if not for Jon here, then for your favorite franchise.
There's been talk that at E3, Capcom will confirm the release date of MvCI. The link can be found here. I also can't help but wonder what other surprises, if any, they'll have over there during the time.…
Give or take, there is a rumor about a Capcom villain who was never in a vs. series. There is no guarantee that this is true, but here it is.…
The MvCI subforum is finally opened. I have recently made an account there also to make my voice heard. This should be a good way to get Capcom's attention. If any of you have a Capcom Unity account, now is the time to make noise there also. You can pick any other kind of character you wish. And don't worry, registration is free. Also, no matter how unlikely it is, there may be some internet trolls over there who may bash our character(s). If you see any of them, please, don't pay them any mind, they're looking for attention. If they are at harassment levels, then the moderators will sort them out.
For those of you with a Twitter account, I have made mine in order to continue my support. Perhaps I could find fellow fans there too and spread word there also. The idea is, assuming you have a Twitter account, to retweet and favorite my post to support Talbain for MvCI. I know another fan is trying to do the same, but I wanted to join in also. Let me know if I could make any improvements on this. Thanks!

Ps. And don't worry, I already got permission to use b1k's picture to use on my page. I also gave credit where it's due.

Twitter page:
Looks like someone leaked the MVCI roster. Please take this info with a grain of salt.

the link can be found here:…


Prefacing this: Both side's MvCI rosters include DLC. I actually have no idea who is launch because it's still up in the air sans no X-Men. My MvCI info is around 3 months old btw. Source said wait til New Year's to leak. I wanted to do this on Xmas. With that said...

MARVEL: Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel, Thor, Loki, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Black Widow, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Venom, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Ultron, Thanos, Star-Lord, Rocket (w/Groot), Doctor Strange, Gwenpool, Squirrel Girl, Fing Fang Foom (Giant Character), Wolverine, Magneto, Storm, and Doctor Doom.

CAPCOM: Ryu, Rashid, Chun-Li, Zangief, Gill, Morrigan, Talbain, Tessa, Mega Man X, Sigma, Roll, Strider, Jin, Captain Commando, Edward Falcon, Asura, Gene, Dante, Leon, Ada, Wesker, Nina (BoF2), Spencer, Simon Blackquill, Phoenix Wright, Rathalos (Giant Character), Masamune Date, Batsu, June, and Frank West. 

Cinematic trailer is indeed Ultron infected with the Sigma Virus and the main villain of MvCI. 

Wolverine, Magneto, Storm, and Doom are all DLC and not making the base roster. 

Some Street Fighter characters might be held off on MvCI as DLC to make an X-Men vs Street Fighter DLC themed pack. 

MvCI's director Norio Hirose wanted the Capcom cast from MvC to return since he programmed that. Hence why they're part of MvCI (except Mega Man is Mega Man X instead). 

Ono suggested Ingrid and R. Mika for MvCI. 

Combofiend suggested and got Spencer on MvCI in at his own request, as the team obliged. 

Phoenix Wright was almost nixed on in favor of only Simon. The team felt he was a failed idea on UMvC3, but wanted to redeem him. They choose Simon because he's more straightforward and relevant (AA5 & 6). Franziska hasn't been on any lately, so no priority. 

More than one BoF character was considered for MvCI. Bleu and Fou-Lu namely. Bleu almost got in with Nina. Katt, Rei, and Garr were all considered as well. Ryu never was. For fans of it, if you want more Breath of Fire characters later on MvCI, make noise. They'll listen. 

Dante isn't based on DmC (reboot) version, but classic Dante for those who are worried. Dante isn't based on the reboot version because DMC5 will be announced in 2017. 

Batsu almost got passed over in favor of Akira and Yurika as the Rival Schools rep. 

Edward Falcon was included on because Power Stone fit the Infinity Stone motif AND Power Stone is coming back.

Leon was included to hype up the RE2 REmake. 

They went with Tessa over a 3rd Darkstalkers character because of her storyline connection with Doctor Strange (which was previously teased on UMvC3) that they want to expand upon in a meaningful way. Both are scientists who dabble in magic with an interest in the unknown. 

Masamune Date got in to appease the Japanese fanbase and garner interest from them. 

When it comes to Zero's exclusion, as far as I know, Zero's getting the Mega Man treatment this time around. Which is an odd exclusion given X is there. And back to 2vs2. But Zero got in TvC and both versions of MvC3 without X. So maybe that's their view? I can only assume they thought 3 MMX characters were too many. Zero might show up in the story mode though. I haven't heard anything for or against it, actually. But hold hope for that and DLC maybe. It'd honestly be surprising if Zero didn't even show up in the story. But X is the one of the focal storyline characters on MvCI, so they could be looking at it like not wanting to take away from X's glory. X might've been chosen and highlighted in such a way in spite of Zero. I'm really not sure. But Zero's exclusion, to me, seems to be the head scratching disappointment like Mega Man's was on both MvC3s. 

Howard the Duck almost got in in place of Squirrel Girl. He just barely missed the roster, but fan demand could easily get him on MvCI. 

As said, Rocket now has Groot included as an assist like Maya does for Wright in his moveset on MvCI. 

Ant-Man is no longer in Hawkeye's MvCI Hyper. Hawkeye has a brand new one entirely. Wasp is in Ant-Man's moveset btw. 

There will be characters not in MvCI's launch roster nor current DLC plans in the story mode ala SFV. 

Akuma isn't part of the roster or even planned at the moment as far as I know. Could change though. I'd assume Akuma could make it in because of possible XvsSF pack plans.
Fans will likely wind up dictating more X-Men DLC than the 3 they have planned. They are aware of that already. I wouldn't be surprised if they launch with only Ryu and Rashid. And then make Chun, Gief and Gill DLC in that XvsSF pack since 3 of each that way. 

Lastly, my name is actually a hint as to when it comes out... At least that's the aim internally, barring any issues that arise.


To all Jon Talbain fans,

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is going to be released in 2017. I'm writing in this journal to spread word out to other Jon Talbain fans who, like me, wish for Talbain to be added into the roster. Please tell me what you think. And if you are reading this message, I would appreciate if you helped spread the word too. Every little bit helps. I'm also open for any other suggestions to further help this cause in any way. Thank you!
I made this journal to get everyone's opinion. I'm still looking for fello fans like me to sign the petition. If anyone knows where I can find them, please let me know.


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I am here to show support for Jon Talbain to appear in the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. Viewers, please visit this page often as it will be updated overtime while MvCI is being developed. Thank you!


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